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"Waste to energy, the green way!" project

“Waste to energy, the green way!”

The 8th annual Belgian Energy and Environment Awards took place this year on 5th June, with the Walloon company Enerwood winning the Sustainable Business Project Award.

This unique company in Wallonia values local wood waste to produce heat and renewable electricity.  Enerwood’s “Waste to energy, the green way!” project aims to promote development policy with central biomass heating networks in Belgium. BioenNW project partner Cluster TWEED was a member of the Awards’ judging panel.

Waste to energy, the green Way!
Implementation of a biomass plant of 6MW (primary) in an industrial zone. This plant will supply the network up to 1MW of electricity and between 2 and 4 MW for district heating.


  • Electricity generation 950kW (1.2MW installed) – resale to the network
  • 2MW heat production (4MW installed) – resale via a heat network
  • Fuel Wood A and B from wood recycling
  • Wood consumption 14000t/year

Annual gain

  • 7600 MWh electricity production
  • Thermal generation 8 to 16GWh
  • Resale of energy 7.6 GWh of electricity and heat 8 to 16GWh
  • Payback 8.0 years


  • Start project in August 2012
  • Provisional acceptance electric production in June 2013
  • Provisional acceptance heating network in September 2013

Since 2006, the Belgian Energy and Environment Awards have paid tribute to more than 1350 Belgian citizens, businesses, institutions, associations, schools, administrations, which individually or through their organizations, contribute to building a sustainable future for the local, regional and national levels.

The Sustainable Business Project Award recognizes the market or non-market companies that have distinguished themselves through initiatives within their organization or company contributing to sustainable development issues. Are rewarded, the approaches in saving energy and material (green building, energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, etc.), mobility, biodiversity, eco-consumption as well as approaches of promotion and awareness.

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Words by Paul Bricoult
Cluster TWEED