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Walloon-Dutch matchmaking event on 24th February

Last February, as part of an economic cooperation between Wallonia and the Netherlands, the TWEED and GreenWin clusters attended a meeting with their Dutch counterparts – Topsectoren and TKI – held in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This year, the Walloon clusters and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) are delighted to invite enterprises to a commercial and technological matchmaking event in Wallonia in the areas of:

  • The biobased economy (chemicals, energy, waste)
  • Solar energy and clean technology (including bioenergy).

The event is taking place in Liège (Palais des Congrès) on Tuesday 24th February from 9am. In order to facilitate the matchmaking and the search for new partners, companies will have the opportunity to present their business, its offer and demand for technology and markets through pitches, roundtables and requested B2B.

Registration is limited to 50 Companies (25 Walloon/25 Dutch).

15 Dutch companies are already registered to attend:

  • Adsensys: delivers and engineers products into the compressed air and bio(natural) gas business.
  • Bodec Process Technology: develops and designs production processes with expertise in separation technology.
  • Délégation Wallonie Bruxelles à la Haye, Pays-Bas
  • Dorset Green Machines: Solutions for treating biomass.
  • DR4 Business Enablers: Agency for advice and management services on environment, occupational health and sustainability.
  • Ecovat Smart Storage – Smart Business: has developed a thermal storage vessel. Its goal is transforming electric energy to heat at moments when energy is cheap and store it until use at moments when energy is expensive.
  • EME.greenwater.C.V.: developing and delivering advanced waste water treatment plants for removing agro-chemicals from waste water and destroy dioxines and furans from waste water and aktivated carbon.
  • EnterNextLevel: is currently active as programmanager Circulair agrifood complex and namely developping an experimental site with licence for testing gasification/firmitation and pyrolysis.
  • Ludwig Cleantech BV: Sustainable pyrolysis circulate RDF fractions into oil and or electricity.
  • Minovia bv: System for transfering pig manure to solid fertilizers.
  • NewFoss: has developed a new biomass refinery technology (water based extraction) which is capable of processing biomass such as grass and leaves using an unique and patented technology. 100% biological extraction is achieved.
  • onsburo: Zero waste systems building, sharing and demonstrating with municipalities, co-operatives, universities and companies.
  • SRB Energy Nederland: SRB Energy’s renewable energy technology core product is an innovative high performance Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) dual-sided solar thermal flat panel collector.
  • Solar TKI (Top consortia for Knowledge & Innovation): intends to further accelerate the development and use of solar energy in the Netherlands, to achieve the greatest possible added value for the Dutch economy.
  • TNO: the dutch research and development organization for which biobased economy and sustainable chemistry are key focus points.


Further information and to book your place

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