Benefits of Bioenergy

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction of pressure on finite natural resources
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions via fossil fuel substitution
  • The removal of the need for specialist food crops
  • Reduction of landfill waste and associated issues
  • Provision of thermal, electrical and mechanical energy services
  • The ability to handle contaminated waste
  • The removal of carbon from waste. It is stored in the biochar produced which makes an excellent fertilizer
  • Increase of terrestrial carbon sinks and reservoirs
  • Protection of groundwater supplies and reduction of dry land salinity and erosion
  • Maintenance of logging sites in a clean state for reforestation
  • The return of land back into production with enhanced biodiversity

Economic Benefits

  • The cost-effective supply of heat and electricity for your factory, office block, retail park, industrial estate or housing estate
  • Provision of thermal, electrical and mechanical energy services
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Economic growth through business earnings and employment
  • A bioenergy plant can be installed quickly
  • Achieve additional value from products already in the economy
  • Farmers may improve returns as marginal crops become viable given an additional source of income from energy by-products
  • Import substitution with direct and indirect effects on GDP and trade balance
  • Security of energy supply and diversification
  • Support of traditional industries, rural diversification and the economic development of rural societies
  • Governmental support for renewable energy e.g. programmes and funding for cost-sharing research and development, demonstrations for new energy
  • technologies and tax incentives to encourage market penetration, informing the public about the merits of renewable energy, facilitating the development of
  • standards and training tools
  • Flexible regulatory framework enabling formation of new start-ups in the field of bioenergy

Social Benefits

  • Provision of thermal, electrical and mechanical energy services
  • Security of energy supply and diversification
  • A bioenergy power plant can be housed anywhere
  • Job creation
  • No incineration
  • A reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Degraded forests may be rejuvenated and waste streams diverted to produce energy
  • Bioenergy can also contribute to local and national energy security which may be required to establish new industries
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced
  • Bioenergy supports both your green and Corporate Social Responsibility agenda