Dr Martina Haase

portrait_haase_martina (1)


Details: Scientific Staff

Organisation: KIT-ITAS, Germany

Telephone: +49 721 608-26094

Email: martina.haase@kit.edu


• Development of a GIS-based model for the estimation of regional biomass potentials
• GIS-based analysis of biomass potentials from agricultural crop cultivation (cereal straw, residues from root crop and oil plant cultivation), from agricultural animal husbandry (solid and liquid manure), and from municipal waste fractions (organic kitchen waste, green waste from gardens and parks, paper waste, wood waste)
• Sustainability assessment of biomass potentials
• Techno-economic and ecological assessment of process chains for biomass utilization
• Analyses of bioerefinery concepts
• Life cycle assessment
• Material and energy flow modelling
• EU Interreg project BioenNW – Delivering Local Bioenergy to North-Western Europe

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