Dr Christine Rösch



Details: Head of the Research Area Sustainability and Environment

Organisation: KIT-ITAS, Germany

Telephone: +49 721 608-22704

Email: christine.roesch@kit.edu


• Sustainability assessment of terrestrial and aquatic biomass production
• Technology assessment in the field of bioenergy
• Analysis of innovations to increase land use efficiency and reduce land use competition
• Development of indicators for monitoring the energy transition in Germany
• Coordinator of the cross-cutting activity “Sustainability Monitoring” of the Helmholtz Alliance “ENERGY-TRANS – Future infrastructures for meeting energy demands. Towards sustainability and social compatibility  ”
• Project leader of “BioenNW – Delivering Local Bioenergy to North-Western Europe” (2011-2015)
• Project leader of “Energetic Algae (EnAlgae)” (2011-2015)

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