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Skills directory of key biomass energy players in Wallonia and Brussels produced

Belgian BioenNW partner, Cluster Tweed, has recently compiled a directory of the bioenergy industry’s key players in Wallonia and Brussels. This directory includes 79 companies, research centers, consulting firms, and universities with headquarters or operations in the Walloon or Brussels regions.

Each player has been classified according to 3 factors:

1. Position in the horizontal value chain – profession:

  • Professional supplier
  • Biomass services and activities provider
  • Technology manufacturer and R&D center
  • Cross-functional and other organization

2. If applicable, position in the vertical value chain – technology:

  • Harvesting
  • Transportation
  • On-site logistics
  • Transformation and pre-treatement
  • Energy recovery
  • Other equipment

3. Area of expertise:

  • Agroforestry biomass using energy crops
  • Agricultural residue biomass
  • Forest residue biomass
  • Cattle breeding
  • Agro-industrial biomass
  • Urban biomass

The goal of this directory is to:

• Provide a clear and precise overview of the technologies and expertise provided by organizations in Wallonia
• Promote these skills at the national and international level during bioenergy-related events.

The directory can be found here:
You can also download the complete report from Cluster TWEED’s website:

Words by Paul Bricoult
Cluster TWEED, Belgium