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RITTMO's Laure Metzger

RITTMO takes part in international sewage sludge conference

BioenNW partner RITTMO was invited to take part in a conference – La gestion innovante des boues d’épuration à l’échelle européenne (Innovation in the management of sewage sludge on European scale) – its organisers GreenWin and BioenNW partner Cluster TWEED. The conference took place in Charleroi (Belgium) on 22nd October.

The conference, which focused on innovations in sewage sludge management, saw RITTMO give a presentation on procedures in France. In particular, the presentation addressed the regulations of sewage sludge use in agriculture, new processes for transforming sewage sludge before returning it to the fields, and new approaches developed to assess the impact on the environment of such practices of fertilisation with material obtained from sewage sludge. We were also able to highlight some of the work being undertaken through the BioenNW project.

Results obtained by RITTMO while studying the impact of transformed sludge when returned to the soil were also presented. The methodologies developed for the purpose of Environmental Risk Assessment showed that different methods (matrix approach and substances approach) complemented each other and that there is a need to consider various scenarios to model responses that would inform the decision maker instead of giving one unique solution.

Words by Laure Thevenin Metzger
RITTMO, France