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Composting events in Les Mureaux

Raising awareness of composting in France

This month BioenNW partner Les Mureaux (France) talks about the work it is doing to raise awareness of domestic waste management.

As part of its role within BioenNW and to develop sustainability within the city, Les Mureaux has an active programme promoting energy saving, recycling and composting.

Recently the Office of Sustainable Development (SDO) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of domestic composting and the benefits of composting to all citizens within Les Mureaux.

The campaign consists of several components: educating children in schools, running events and the creation of workshops.

Several workshops have been held in neighborhoods throughout the city as well as taking place in the Town Hall. Workshops have been tailored to meet the needs of all residents from young children to families, to adults and the elderly.

By raising the public’s awareness of the benefits of composting, residents have been encouraged to manage their waste better but also to learn about how natural gas is produced by fermentation.

Words by Laëtitia Bideau-Maruejouls
Ville Des Mureaux, France