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Opportunities through cooperation

As a Project Manager for the City Region of Eindhoven (SRE) in The Netherlands I’m delighted that SRE is a partner in the BioenNW project. As a result of effective international partnership working, new opportunities to process biomass are within reach and bioenergy innovation is being encouraged. These opportunities are not only to create power and heat, but also to extract high quality and renewable raw materials for the bioenergy economy.

The focus of the BioenNW project – namely innovation, collaboration and learning – fits well with SRE and the Eindhoven region of The Netherlands. Eindhoven is known as a focal point for innovation, knowledge and new technology, and is why our region is often called the “Brainport area”. The economic success of the Brainport Eindhoven Region is the result of a unique cooperation between industry, research and government, in an open innovation environment. Our region is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and is home to world-class businesses (ASML, Philips, DAF Trucks) as well as knowledge transfer and research institutes (Technical University of Eindhoven, TNO).

SRE sees 21 municipalities working together for the benefit of society. Eindhoven and Helmond are the main cities of our region but we also have a large rural area with an intensive livestock concentration plus agricultural and food companies. BioenNW allows us to maximise the opportunities for innovation in the new biobased economy, in which renewable fuels and raw materials from biomass replace fossil fuels and materials.

In the last year, we have been building our network in the bioenergy sector. It’s growing rapidly; more and more stakeholders are becoming interested in bioenergy and know how to find us. Our challenge is to connect interested parties with other partners so they can mutually benefit each other. At the same time we help stakeholders with innovative project ideas – for example to find subsidies and access funding.

Being part of the BioenNW partnership gives access to a new network where partners are learning from each other, sharing experience and best practice, and creating opportunities to make innovation in the field of bioenergy a reality.

Words by Barbara Marcus, Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven, The Netherlands