Pyrofab bioenergy demonstrator production commences

Dytecna Environmental has commenced production of Pyrofab Bioenergy demonstrators. The Pyrofab is a demonstration system based on the core technology of the Pyroformer™, a patented intermediate pyrolysis system developed by Aston University within the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI). The system derives fuels in the form of gas and oils by processing organic matter and other materials and provides energy from waste at community and industrial levels.

Each Pyrofab system consists of two parts, one comprising a Pyroformer™ test system, the second a control, monitoring and results analysis facility. Dytecna is responsible for the system design and integration of each part in easily transportable individual ISO shipping containers.

Dytecna Environmental is manufacturing three complete systems:

  • Two Pyrofab20 systems – comprising a test sell and analysis facility each housed in a 20’ ISO container

  • One Pyrofab100 system – comprising a larger test sell housed in a 40’ ISO container and analysis facility housed in a 20’ ISO container

The Pyrofab concept arises from an EU Interreg IVB part funded project titled BioenNW. Under the terms of this initiative, the Pyrofabs will test a wide variety of materials and are initially to be used by members of the BioenNW team at various locations across Northern Europe.

The results of these tests shall be used to inform companies, Government bodies and communities on the viability of the use of locally available feedstocks and supply chains for the production of fuels and energy with the local community.

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