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RITTMO June 2015

New tool to finance biogas projects in France

In 2013 an agricultural methanisation (Anaerobic Digestion) support plan in France was introduced by the agriculture minister. This resulted in many projects being built.

Within the framework of this action plan the ADEME Alsace sought to:

  • Encourage the development of local AD plant installations and to build 1000 plants by 2020;
  • Encourage the agronomic valorisation of the digestate;
  • Create and support innovation through the wider bioenergy supply chain in France through methanisation equipment industry.

Regional field of organic matter for methanisation

A regional study was recently conducted to investigate the scope of organic matter for methanisation in order to determine the biogas production potential in the Alsace. You can view the study at: The estimate of this value is 86 million Nm3 of methane by year. This study has also established the field repartition (see illustration above).

Four high production zones have been identified in Alsace. These zones are favourable for the installation of AD plants and are located in:

  • The “Alsace Bossue”
  • The North Alsace
  • A part of the Rhenane region (from Strasbourg to Sélestat)
  • The Sundgau

The organic matter has been categorised as:

  • Agricultural (energy crops, straw etc.)
  • Municipal (biowaste, green waste, sewage sludge etc.)
  • Industrial (food processing waste, sewage sludge etc.)

The maps below shows these geographical zones and also the type of the organic matter.

Inventory of the methanisation project in Alsace

This dynamic map is available on section “Realisations/Biogaz”.

Inventory of the methanisation project in Alsace


Regional strategy


According to the identified methane field, the ADEME Alsace and the Région Alsace have defined a support strategy for the bioenergy sector. These priorities are:

  • Not to move feedstocks with lower methane potential such as sewage sludge and manure
  • Encourage the methanisation of all the biomass, with support for local, small scale projects
  • Reinforce established AD installations
  • Ensure the maximum valorisation of the methanisation products (digestate, biogas, electricity, heat).

The support of biogas injection to the gas network needs to be supported as a priority.

Further information about financing your biogas project in France.

Words by Nicolas Thevenin
RITTMO, France