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IZES gGmbh team

IZES as partner for new bioenergy strategies and energy efficiency

BioenNW partner IZES gGmbH, specialises in holistic strategies and concepts for the more efficient and environmentally friendly utilisation of biomass resources. Through our partnership work in Europe, we are able to ensure our expertise benefits not just the Greater Saarland Region of Germany where it is based, but Europe as a whole.

IZES gGmbH is involved in a number of North West Europe projects funded through streams such as Interreg, FP 7 and Intelligent Europe (IEE). It enables IZES to be involved in the complete processes involved with the investigation of the optimum utilisation of biomass feedstocks.

Our involvement in the FP 7 project, INEMAD, and the IEE project, GR3, focuses on innovative strategies for re-connecting livestock and crop production to optimise energy and material flows. Our involvement with another Interreg IVB NWE project, ARBOR, defines regional and interregional business strategies for optimal utilisation of biomass residuals.

Finally, through our involvement in specific technology and implementation oriented projects such as BioenNW (Interreg IVB NWE) and ECOBIOGAZ (Interreg IVA), we are able to visualise the findings and develop strategies for potential bioenergy development sites in order to accelerate the sustainable biomass utilisation in North West Europe.

Words by Marion Graupner, Department for Material Flow Management
IZES gGmbH, Germany