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Development of a New Bioenergy Development & Decision Support Scheme

A Bioenergy Development and Decision Support Scheme (DSS) is being developed as part of BioenNW to assess the potential for local bioenergy projects in the five project regions.

The development of the DSS is being led by the Centre for Low Carbon Research at Birmingham City University in the UK. BioenNW combines the knowledge and expertise from two of the core research groups within the Centre (bioenergy and knowledge based engineering). The Centre will be liaising with partners and stakeholders to co-ordinate and capture key information about existing and potential bioenergy opportunities within North West Europe.

Case studies are currently being captured from BioenNW partner SRE Eindhoven and the Bioenergy Support Centres to develop the first demonstration of the DSS. Data pertaining to both anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis technologies, operational procedures and parameters which determine suitability of particular feedstocks, and impacts of feedstock characteristics on process efficiency, are being collected and this data will create part of the tool.

Birmingham City University has demonstrated several examples of applications which can be used to visualise and interrogate geo-spatial information and determine opportune sites, biomass resources, infrastructure
for logistics and existing bioenergy provisions in the BioenNW regions. The DSS will aid local bioenergy schemes through the provision of technical, regulatory, economic and environmental impact information. It will reduce the cost of bioenergy project planning by capturing the experience of BioenNW partners, observers and stakeholders, and enable organisations from sectors throughout North West Europe to identify potential opportunity sites across the NWE region and assist with the development of project development plans. This means that bioenergy schemes can be conceived without the need for premature investment in feasibility studies.

Words by Louise Russell, European Bioenergy Research Institute, Aston University, UK