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SRE participated in the Biomass2Business conference

BioenNW participates in ‘Biomass2Business’ conference in Ghent

On behalf of SRE, Jan Westra and I were invited to take part in the conference ‘Biomass2Business’, organized through the Interreg IVB North West Europe Programme.

The aim of this conference, which took place on 9th December (2013) in Ghent, Belgium, was to facilitate an active exchange between various European projects regarding biomass and bioenergy in North West Europe.

It was a real eye-opener to see how many stakeholders are working on bioenergy projects. Each project focuses on different biomass/bioenergy applications from its own perspective and I believe we should identify and seize opportunities to work more closely together and to learn from each other. The conference in Ghent was a very good initiative to achieve more synergy and join forces. We were also able to present the results of our BioenNW project.

Erik Meers gave a presentation on a project called Biorefine. This project aims to minimize residue flows from the agro- and bio-industry and economically valorize minerals recovered from these residue flows. At the same time, the project serves as the secretariat of the strategic cluster ‘Biorefine Cluster Europe’. This cluster brings together the industry, research institutes and policy makers with regards to the development and market implementation of technologies concerning biogas, bio refinery and nutrient recuperation. The University of Ghent is the lead partner.

This Biorefine Cluster ( is a leading network to connect the European projects working on biomass and bioenergy applications. As we experienced again this day, we know too little about the work that is being done by others on this theme. By working together, we can work more efficiently and spread the results to a much larger public. This was an important lesson we all learned from this day!

The following other projects presented during the meeting may also be of interest to you:

  • ARBOR Biomass for Energy. This project is dealing with the development of technological solutions and regional strategy development for improved sustainable biomass utilization. The partners are working on an analysis of bio-energy initiatives and projects in Northwest-Europe. More information:
  • ENALGAE. This is a network for promoting the commercial use of seaweed. The project is developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production, bioenergy and greenhouse gas mitigation, taking them from pilot facilities through to market-place products and services. More information:
  • TWECOM: This project wants to sustainably valorize the up till now unused biomass from landscape elements. In two pilots (Bocholt, Belgium and Newbury, UK), biomass from hedgerows will be harvested by local farmers. They will produce high quality wood chips for local energy. By giving these landscape-elements an economic value, the natural and cultural inheritance is preserved. More information:

We are now already in contact with the University of Ghent to explore collaboration opportunities.

Barbara Marcus
Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven (SRE), The Netherlands