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Bioenergy in France

According to figures released on 19 July (2012) by the Office of the General Commissioner for Sustainable Development in France (CGDD), France has seen a decrease of 12.5% of the production of renewable electricity (hydraulic, photovoltaic, wind etc) and renewable thermal energy (biomass, wood energy, geothermal, solar thermal etc). Today, renewable energy represents only 12% of the country’s energy consumption.

This decrease follows an increase of 11.3% in 2010 and 3.5% in 2009. France’s aim is for 23% of its total energy consumption to come from renewable energy by 2020. This is still achievable and the work of BioenNW to encourage small-mid scale bioenergy schemes is helping to reach this target.  

Share of Renewable Energy in France (figures from July 2012)

Wood = 46%,

Hydraulic = 20%

Bioenergy = 10%

Renewable Urban Waste = 6.5%

Wind Power = 5.4%

Solar = 1.2%

Biogas = 1.8%

In 2013, Fondaterra is hopeful that the situation will change. The Environment and Energy Agency is already looking to alter the current situation with a call to increase the number of bioenergy projects in the country. Fondaterra hopes that new kind forms of bioenergy through processes such as anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis will be taken in to account and projects such as BioenNW will be crucial to this success.

Words by Diego Courtois, Fondaterra, France