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American visitors learn of bioenergy and research opportunities from IZES gGmBH

American visitors learn of bioenergy and research opportunities

A delegation of entrepreneurs form Blount County in Tennessee, USA visited IZES gGmbH during their business tour to Germany. The trip was organised by the Saarland Business Development Agency ( The main objectives of this agency is the constant pursuit of new trading and research partners for the Saarland region of Germany and to match regional and foreign enterprises for networking opportunities.

As the economy of Tennessee is supported in heavy industry, lumber production and agriculture, the visiting entrepreneurs where especially interested in the bioenergy research performed by IZES and their role as a partner in the BioenNW project. They were particularly interested in the decision support tool that BioenNW is currently developing. This online tool will help to assess and implement future bioenergy projects in North West Europe and also has the potential to be replicated in other regions. It could help to further this type of renewable energy worldwide.

The discussion with the delegation focused on the queries a future investor may need to have answers for before embarking on the support of a bioenergy project. The discussion also served as evidence about the growing need for reliable and concise information on bioenergy and its applications in specific regions around the world. Therefore the pyrolysis based bioenergy schemes, developed by IZES within the BioenNW project, were rated as highly interesting for adaption in the USA and further collaboration in the field of bioenergy was agreed.

Words by Anna Currin
IZES gGmBH, Germany