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Agreement signed between SRE and Helicon Green Engineering

For the past few months, the focus of BioenNW partner SRE Eindhoven has been to find a partner to continue the work of the Bioenergy Support Centre (BSC) in the Netherlands, which includes conducting feedstock tests using ‘Pyrofab’ technology being created through the BioenNW project.

We are very happy to have found an excellent new partner in Helicon Green Engineering, a graduate school, which offers vocational agro-technical courses. Helicon is a partner of the Greentech Park in Boxtel. Greentech Park Brabant is the initiative of various parties: Agrifood Capital, Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the municipality of Boxtel, Helicon Green Engineering graduate school, Avans graduate school, the Rabobank, Maris Colleges, HAS University Projects and the Dommel water board. And more and more parties are joining. These parties have a shared ambition to show that green technology can produce financially interesting business cases which are ‘clean’ and acceptable for the environment. From its location business and education are brought together to innovate, learn and develop new projects. Students can also help companies in developing new biobased concepts.

The technique of pyrolysis – a central biomass processing technique within the BioenNW project – fits perfectly with existing pilot installations at the Greentech Park which focus on gasification and fermentation. SRE met a lot of enthusiasm at Helicon graduate school to sign up to the BioenNW project and to temporarily run the Pyrofab installation. For Helicon this installation can offer many opportunities for their students and teachers to learn and do experiments. The new Pyrofab installation will be open to companies and educational institutions to perform tests.

In December 2014, an agreement was signed between the Region Eindhoven (SRE) and Helicon Opleidingen in Boxtel to jointly develop new, green technology. The Pyrofab which is currently being developed through the BioenNW project will be located at the Greentech Park this summer. Pyrofab technology training for key personnel has already taken place at the end of 2014 and now the team at Helicon is waiting for the Pyrofab to be delivered so they can start testing!

Words by Barbara Marcus
BioenNW partner – SRE Eindhoven, Netherlands